Terms and Conditions

Children's and Teen's Dance Classes

Royal Academy of Dance

1. The Company is a registered school with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), and follows the regulations and guidelines set out by them.

Tuition Fees

1. It is important to note that tuition fees are charged for a complete program of learning, and not for individual classes. Classes are planned for the whole year, so that each lesson sits within the context of the lesson that preceded it and is congruent with learning objectives for the term as a whole.
2. Tuition fees are charged a term at a time. Tuition fees shown on our website and in most of our printed materials are worked out based on a 10 week term. Most terms are not 10 weeks, and the actual tuition fee is adjusted appropriately (ie. A class that costs £75 for a 10 week term, will cost £97.50 in a term that's actually 13 weeks long).
3. If your child is joining a class in the middle of a term, then the fee is adjusted appropriately (ie. If there are only 6 weeks left, then you will not be charged for 13 weeks).
4. If your child is no longer able to attend, then a refund will be given based on how many weeks of term are remaining at the time we are notified.
5. If your child misses a class, then we may be able to offer an alternative class for them to try on a one-off basis to make up for the missed lesson. This may take the form of the exact same class on a different day, or it may be a different style of dance. A child will not be allowed to make up a missed class with a class we don't feel is right for them (ie. If your Grade 1 Ballet child misses a class, then they won't be allowed to make it up by attending Senior Contemporary). Refunds will not be offered for individual classes missed.
6. Invoices are sent out before the start of each term with a payment deadline attached. If the deadline is missed then a reminder will be sent out. After this, your child may not be allowed to attend class until the invoice is paid.
7. Every family has it's hard times. If you're struggling to make a payment then let us know. There're quite often alternative temporary arrangements that can be made.
8. In the event of a class cancellation due to teacher illness, or other unforeseen circumstance, a make up lesson will be arranged. Anyone unable to attend the alternative arrangement will be offered a refund based on the amount of classes missed.


1. We do allow a grace period of settling in time for a new student before they are expected to buy uniform. Newcomers should wear appropriate, form fitting clothes that they can move in freely and safely. Uniform should be bought by the time a student begins their second term with us.
2. Students are expected to be able to style their own ballet bun from grade 3 onwards.

Entry to Exams

1. Students will only be entered for exams when we feel they are ready.
2. The Company takes the view that exams are not the be all and end all. No syllabus is a complete syllabus, covering all the facets of dance and all exam results are ultimately the opinion of a single examiner on a single day.
3. Some schools rush the exam process, training students only in the syllabus settings in order to push them through the exams as quickly as possible. It is the intention of The Company to train students slowly and methodically, ensuring they receive a well rounded dance education that isn't solely focused on getting through the exam.
4. Students should not expect to take an exam on a yearly basis, nor should they be disheartened if their peers at other dance schools are in a higher grade than them. A higher grade does not necessarily mean a more accomplished dancer.

Photo Permission

1. In registering for our classes, and therefore accepting our terms and conditions, you agree to allow us use of your child's image in our publicity.
2. Permission to share images may be rescinded by the child or parent at any time in writing.
3. Images may be taken on any part of our premises, or at any external events that The Company may attend (eg. Performances, masterclasses, exams etc.). Photos may be taken by The Company, or by a third party appointed by The Company to take photos on our behalf.
4. Images may be shared on our social media, website or printed media. Images may also be used in press releases. Once we have shared an image publicly, we have limited control over who else may share and distribute the image further.
5. The Company acknowledges a duty of care not to share any image that may cause embarrassment or distress to any one depicted in the image.
6. Take down requests for individual photos can be submitted in writing. Following a take down request, we will take reasonable steps to remove all instances of the image from the public domain. In rare circumstances where we find a take down request to be unreasonable, we may refuse and our reasons why will be outlined in writing.
7. Children depicted in images shared externally will never be named without express permission.

Child Welfare Responsibility

1. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide supervision in the waiting area and ask that parents remain with their child until the start of their child's class if they are not of an age that they can be responsible for themselves. The Company will not take responsibility for any event arising because a child has been left unsupervised.
2. If no one is there to pick up a child at the end of their class, then we will keep them in the studio and keep an eye on them. In order to avoid disruption to other classes, we ask that parents take all reasonable steps to pick their child up on time.
3. The Company has a first aider on site at all times. Please ensure we are kept up to date with any medical conditions and allergies your child may have.
4. In the event of a medical emergency, we will contact you on the phone number provided at the time of registration. Please keep us up to date with your contact details.
5. In the event of a child needing to be taken to hospital, The Company will aim to accompany the child with a member of staff if the parent is not present, however this may not always be possible.
6. Any accidents and injuries happening on the premises will be recorded and parents will be informed.

Attending External Dance Events

1. When your child becomes a member of our school, we take on the responsibility to make sure your child receives the best dance education.
2. If you intend to sign your child up for classes, workshops, competitions, or courses run by other dance organisations then please let us know so we might advise you on best practice. Some courses are better than others and we may be able to advise you on which ones would complement your child's training the best.
3. In rare circumstances, when we feel a course is detrimental to the training of our students, we may blacklist it. Our reasons for blacklisting a course will always be made clear and we'll be happy to explain further should you wish to know more. If you knowingly sign your child up for a blacklisted course, then we may be forced to take the decision to no longer train your child.
4. We will look to publicise any course that we feel is particularly beneficial to your child. There are many good summer intensive courses we can recommend to the more serious dancer, and several reputable production companies we can recommend for any dancer looking to get more stage experience.


1. It is the opinion of The Company that most competitions are a costly affair for parents and offer little value in the dance education of a child. The culture encouraged by some competitions can be detrimental to a child, so we therefore rarely take part.
2. We believe the only learning experience a competition provides a child with is the experience of performing in front of a live audience, and the chance to see how they compare to their peers. We believe that shows and summer intensives provide these learning experiences in a far healthier atmosphere.


1. Students looking for more performance opportunities are encouraged to audition for Rebel Dance Company who train on Sundays.
2. The Company will look to produce a full length show featuring every student in the school every few years.