Professional Level Dance Training

Dance Classes Newtownards

Looking to pursue a career in dance? Our Professional Level Dance Training is ideal for any aspiring dancer aged 11-16. Our school focus is on creating confident, versatile, employable dancers with a strong technical foundation in Ballet who are able to compete when it comes to auditioning for coveted places at vocational dance colleges.

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is considered one of the most rigorously marked dance syllabi available in the UK. We offer all the RAD Vocational Grades from Intermediate Foundation Ballet to Advanced 2 Ballet (Intermediate being the pre-requisite for most dance teaching certificates). Our PreProfessional Ballet Class is non-syllabus based, and essential for gaining a complete understanding of classical ballet technique and learning to pick up a variety of combinations quickly. Our Luigi Technique based Jazz/Modern Dance Classes, and Release Technique based Contemporary Dance Classes, provide our dancers with a full range of dynamic versatility to their performance.

We are able to design tailored training programs to help you develop in to the dancer you aspire to be. We also offer essential career advice and guidance to help you through to the next step. We highly recommend dancers should supplement their training with regular private lessons. Our Pre-Professional package deal offers complete, rounded training any serious dancer needs at a competitive price, with the the option of adding on fortnightly private tuition.


Professional Dance Training Classes
Class Day Time Recommended AgePrice
RAD Intermediate Foundation BalletWednesdays 5:30-7:00pm 10+ Years Old (invitation only) £120 per 10 week term
RAD Intermediate Ballet Fridays 7:00-8:30pm 12+ Years Old (invitation only) £120 per 10 week term
RAD Advanced Foundation BalletThursdays7:00-8:30pm12+Years Old (invitation only)£120 per 10 week term
RAD Advanced 1 BalletWednesdays7:00-8:30pm14+ Years Old (invitation only)£120 per 10 week term
RAD Advanced 2 BalletFridays5:30-7:00pm15+ Years Old (invitation only)£100 per 10 week term
Senior BalletSaturdays3:00-4:30pm12+ Years Old (invitation only) £120 per 10 week term
Advanced Pointe Work and RepertoireSaturdays4:30-5:30pm12+ Years Old (invitation only)£75 per 10 week term
Vocational Dance (Conditioning, Flexibility, Jazz/Modern and Contemporary)Thursdays8:30-9:30pm12+ Years Old (invitation only)£75 per 10 week term
Senior Jazz/Modern Wednesdays 8:30-9:30pm 14+ Years Old£75 per 10 week term
Senior Contemporary DanceFridays8:30-9:30pm14+ Years Old£75 per 10 week term