Covid-19 Policy

At The Company, the health and safety of our staff, pupils and their families is of utmost importance and therefore we would ask that everyone attending the school read and adhere to the guidelines outlined below. Our policy is specific with regards to our school and risk assessment and is in keeping with Government Guidelines at the time of publication (21/08/2020). The policy will be subject to review as/when Government Guidelines change and the policy will be updated accordingly. Students over 18, and parents/guardians of students under 18 will be made aware of any updates to the policy via email so please ensure that the contact information you have given is up to date.
Anyone who does not follow the guidelines may be asked to leave the premises and will not be allowed to return to classes until they agree to adhere to the guidelines provided. In such an instance, classes will not be substituted or refunded.

Key Points

If you, or anyone you have been in close contact with, has been or is feeling unwell, do not attend classes for at least 10 days.
If you or anyone you have been in close contact with displays any symptoms of, or tests positive for, coronavirus, it is necessary to inform a member of staff immediately.

Personal Hygiene Standards that must be followed:

Ensure that hands are washed before leaving home.
Wash hands on entering and leaving the building.
Wash hands after using the toilet. Disposable towels will be provided for hand drying in the toilets.
Sanitise* hands before using shared equipment.
*This can be by washing hands with soap and water or using hand sanitiser. Both soap and hand sanitiser will be provided by the school, however, we recognise that some individuals may wish to use their own. This is permissible so long as the products are of a medical grade.

If a student should need to cough and sneeze, they must cover their mouth and nose with a disposable tissue whilst doing so. The tissue must then be immediately disposed into one of the rubbish bins provided and the student should then wash their hands. If a tissue is immediately unavailable, the cough or sneeze should be directed to the crook of the elbow which should then be washed or clothes changed if possible.

Face Masks

Guidance on the WHO website recommends facial coverings not be worn when exercising. Class participants and teachers will not be expected to wear masks. If a child wishes to wear a mask then they will, of course, be allowed to do so.


Before classes:

Arrive no earlier than the start time for your class.
Arrive wearing clean clothes that you can wear in class. On site changing or storage facilities will not be available at this time.
Bring only necessities into the building.
Wash/Sanitise hands on entering the building, after using the toilet and before exiting the building.
Maintain 1m social distancing at all times from those not considered to be members of your household/support bubble.
Please make sure to go to the toilet before arriving at the studio.

Unfortunately, at this time, parents of older children may not wait inside the building unless special arrangements have been made prior to the class. This is necessary as it will help to minimise the number of people in the building, allow for the maintenance of social distancing and minimise the number of areas that need to be sanitised between classes. This in turn helps us to prioritise students and their training.

During classes:

Reception doors will be closed to ensure that no unauthorised persons can enter the building.
Maintain 1m social distancing at all times from those not considered to be members of your household/support bubble.
Students of all ages must stay in their designated dance spaces and follow the instructions from teachers throughout to ensure maintenance of social distancing.
Props will be kept to a minimum. Any props used will be wipe clean and staff will sanitise these before and after classes.
Toilets will not be available during class times, unless absolutely necessary.

After classes:

Classes will end 5 minutes earlier than scheduled to enable students to wash their hands and to safely exit the building and to allow for any necessary cleaning inside the building.
Students must be collected before scheduled end of the class and parents must wait outside the building, away from the doors.
Any items left in the building after class will be disposed of immediately to help maintain sanitary conditions.

Other points to note:

Classes will be capped accordingly at a maximum number to allow for the maintenance of social distancing. This may vary between classes given the nature of the class (younger pupils may need adult supervision reducing the number of pupils able to participate) or the studio in which the class takes place (the upstairs studio is much larger and therefore can have a larger number of students). NO cash payments will be taken unless they are placed in the payment box provided. The cash should be in an envelope marked with the student’s name, a description of their fees and the amount paid. Please ensure the amount in the envelope is exact, as change will not be given at this time.
Parents wishing to speak with staff in person should arrange an appropriate time to do so.
Posters informing of the Coronavirus risk, and good hygiene practices will be displayed and should be followed by all
Toilet areas to be checked at the end of every class. Soap, hand towels, tissues and hand sanitiser will be replenished if necessary and cleaning conducted if required
Door handles and surfaces (reception, toilets and studios) will be wiped down before and after every class.
Bins will be emptied and contents safely disposed of periodically throughout the school day
The kitchen and waiting room will be out of bounds to anyone other than staff until further notice.
Staff can request that a student does not participate in a class if they present suspicious symptoms of Covid-19.

In case of a suspected Covid-19 case on site:

The person(s) will be asked to remain where they are and the appropriate medical services and personal contact will be called. (If other persons are present, they will be moved to a different area and will maintain social distancing.) The person in question will leave the site. The room will be sanitised and any and all rubbish or items left in the room will be double bagged and disposed of safely.
The person in question (or the personal contact of that individual) must follow up with the school with regards to the illness. If the case is confirmed as coronavirus/COVID-19, any individual who has been in contact with the person in question must self-isolate for at least 14 days.
If you suspect that there is any chance that you suspect that you could have coronavirus or that you have been in contact with someone who has coronavirus, do not attend classes.
The school will follow any guidance given by the NHS or other government bodies in the event of an outbreak. Refunds may not be issued for classes cancelled.
The studio will close long enough to allow for a deep clean. Anyone entering the building in the time between the uncovering of a potential case and the deep cleaning of the site will receive a notice via email advising them to self isolate.