PreSchool and Young Children

PreSchool Ballet / PrePrimary Ballet / Dance Scamps

The benefits of young children attending dance classes are manyfold and well-documented by scientific studies. The combination of gross motor movements, finely detailed complex co-ordination skills and awareness of the music switch on areas of the brain in ways that no other form of exercise can.

Our Dance Scamp program has been created to encourage your child to develop their physical skills. They will learn to run, jump, crawl, leap, skip, hop, spring, throw, catch, balance and more. The program makes good use of soft play equipment, play tunnels, obstacles and hand props to excite and engage your child.

Our PreSchool Ballet Class has been created to encourage your child to explore the limits of their imagination. Each class follows a story based structure with music specifically chosen to help your child fully immerse themselves in the theme of the class. In a typical year of classes we'll visit toy kingdom, the enchanted castle, the secret island and the zoo. They will learn to march with the toy soldiers, test their jumping skills with kangaroos, gallop with unicorns and tiptoe carefully past sleeping lions!

PrePrimary Ballet is your child's first introduction to the Royal Academy of Dance Graded Syllabi (read more). The grade still has plenty of focus on imaginative exploration, but is also a step towards more formal dance training. Skills developed in the PreSchool Ballet and Dance Rascals programs are developed and refined further. At the end of the grade, students are given the option to take their first Royal Academy of Dance exam, before moving up to RAD Primary Ballet.


PreSchool and Young Children
Class Day Time Recommended AgePrice
Dance ScampsSaturdays 11:30-12:00pm 21/2 - 31/2 Years Old £35 per 10 week term
PreSchool BalletTuesdays 3:15-4:00pm 31/2 - 41/2 Years Old £50 per 10 week term
PreSchool BalletSaturdays 10:30-11:15am 31/2 - 41/2 Years Old£50 per 10 week term
RAD PrePrimary Ballet Fridays 3:30-4:15pm 4-5 Years Old £55 per 10 week term
RAD PrePrimary BalletSaturdays9:30-11:15am 4-5 Years Old£55 per 10 week term
RAD Primary BalletWednesdays3:30-4:30pm5-7 Years Old£65 per 10 week term
RAD Primary Ballet Saturdays 12:30-1:30pm 5-7 Years Old £65 per 10 week term