Adult Dance Classes

Ballet / Contemporary / Jazz / Modern / Fitness

Dance shouldn't be something you do just as a child and leave behind in adulthood. Dance should stay with you for life.

We believe you're never too old to start dancing, and we don't think there's ever time to stop once you've started. Dance is a brilliant workout for body and mind.

Our Adult Ballet Class is suitable for Beginners and more experienced dancers alike. The class is taught in such a way that the more experienced dancers are able to push on ahead and continue to progress, whilst any Beginners in for their first time are still looked after.


Adult Dance Classes
Class Day Time Recommended AgePrice
Adult Ballet (Beginners and Experienced)Tuesdays 8:30-9:30pm 18+ only £35 for 5 classes or £8 pay as you go

Two Left Feet?

"I can't go to a dance class, I don't know how to dance!"

It's a phrase we've heard many times from various novice adults over the years. The truth is we all start somewhere, and every single person in the class remembers their hopeless first steps.

No one's perfect in their first class. You'll forget which leg is which and you'll be the one person travelling the opposite way to everyone else... and every one else in the class will remember being that person once upon a time. Your very first dance class can be a scary prospect, especially if you don't remember dancing as a child, but it needn't be a traumatic affair. Yes, you'll probably get most of the steps wrong, but that doesn't matter. You will still have burnt off some energy, learnt some new things and gained some fitness in the process

Getting steps wrong can be half the fun!